Nitrous Networks gmod Hosting Review

Nitrous Networks game hosting

Nitrous Networks Review

gmod server hosting gold awardNitrous Networks is the well deserved current holder of theĀ ‘Gmod Server Hosting Gold Award’. They are a UK based company with over 5000 active servers and have been offering a top notch service for over 5 years with 45,000 customers served. They also offer dedicated hosting if you want to upgrade at any point as well as hosting for all major titles such as Minecraft, Starmade, Terraria and Counter Strike. Nitrous Networks haveĀ some of the lowest pricing and still make sure all the essentials are included. They do not have hidden costs for extra DDoS protection and other features like with some of their rival game server hosting companies.


For $4.80 a month you get unlimited Ram, all mods, free DDoS Protection and a FREE Mumble Voice Server with slots equal to your server.


Example specs of the server they are currently using: High Ghz i7’s like 4790’s, with 32GB DDR3 Memory, 2 x 512GB SSD’s in RAID 1, 2 x 1Gbps NIC’s.


Sandbox / TTT/ DarkRP/Deathrun/Murder/Prophunt/Stop it slender!

Map Packs: TTT Map pack

nitrous networks server hosting


Overall they are our winner as they offer a very reliable service at a great price and have excellent feedback from their customers.

If you have experience of Nitrous Networks please leave your honest review and rating in the comments below.

Thanks GSH Team

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