Xenon Servers gmod Hosting Review

Xenon Servers game hosting

Xenon Servers Review

Xenon Servers are a well established gaming server hosting company founded in 2007 and boasting over 15,000 customers. They offer gmod server hosting packages as well as other games like Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead and Counter Strike.

They have mixed reviews from customer with some complaining of poor support and slow servers. Xenon Servers have been working hard on improving their service and now average a 20 minute response time. They are also one of the more expensive gmod hosting companies.


They offer DDoS Protection although this is limited to 5 incidents. If you want more you have to pay extra. Xenon Servers also offer instant setup, dedicated IP Address and ftp access. Their servers are based in the US which may cause some issues for European customers.


For $7.92 a month you get 8 slots and 5 DDoS incidents. You can get up to a 15% discount if you pay annually. As mentioned you have to pay $25 for 5 more DDoS incidents and if you want unlimited DDoS protection you will have to pay an extra $50 per month. This is expensive when compared with other gmod hosting companies who offer unlimited protection for free. They also offer voice servers from about $0.40 per slot.

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Xenon Servers use quality Intel E3 CPUs with ECC memory and enterprise hard disks in a RAID 10 configuration


Xenon Servers offer a lot of options but they do get very mixed reviews and feedback from customers. We would probably advise choosing Nitrous Networks or Serenity Servers instead.


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